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What You Will Get

In this workshop, you will learn practical techniques that allow you to:

  • Let life educate your child

  • Be inspired and have fun in the process with your child

  • Let go and trust the process while making sure your child is safe

  • Balance societal pressures and needs with your child’s natural love of learning

Become a Better Parent Today!

  • Price for 1 workshop - $25

  • Price for 2 workshops - $45 (10% savings)

  • Price for 3 workshops - $65 (15% savings)

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What Makes Us Different

Unlike most parenting workshops in the market which focuses on fixing the child, we adopt an adult-centric approach to parenting. When the parents change, children will naturally follow as well. The foundation of the parenting techniques that we use comes from many years of experience in coaching. The methods we teach are those that we use to parent our children as well. We won't teach anything that we will not use ourselves!

Workshop Details

"What can I do to help my child learn faster?”

"Why does my child keep wanting to play no matter how many times I ask him to read his books?”

"My daughter loves animals and keeps saying she wants to be a zookeeper when she grows up. How do I deal with my worry that this may come true?”

If these questions sound familiar, chances are you feel like a broken record, or you can't wait for a 10-minute break to do some deep-breathing exercises because your anxiety levels are through the roof, and you want to know how to create an environment that engages your child in the best way that fosters learning, growth, and the discovery of dreams.

Our society demands that children excel at their academic studies and this can be stressful for parents. One of the biggest worries most parents have is that allowing their child to do what he or she wants might end up in him or her going astray or making bad choices later on in life. How can children not feel stifled being surrounded by adults making choices for them?

In this workshop, use your child's natural curiosity to make parenting less of a chore. Learn how to create an environment where your child can learn skills that can equip him or her for life in the future.

Are you ready to be the best guide for your child?

Our parenting coach will teach you how to:

  • Find out how your child learns

  • Foster your child’s love of learning

  • Learn how you can use your child’s natural curiosity of the world to learn effectively

  • Use 5 secrets to create a learning environment for children

  • Let your child develop a great relationship to learning

  • Allow your child to find his or her inner motivation to pick up skills

  • Help your child discover his or her dreams and passions

Who Should Attend?

This workshop would be of benefit to you if:

  • You are a parent of a child up to the age of 6

  • You are considering or planning to have children

  • You are a primary caregiver to children

  • You interact with children in your family or work

  • You are an educator (family life educator, preschool teacher)

Put It Into Practice

Support Group Sessions

On top of that, there are FREE follow-up sessions in a café or outdoor location to apply what you learnt in the workshops to real life. Take the chance to bond with other mums and dads and share your parenting experience with other participants. Children are welcome at the follow-up sessions so this is a great chance for you to apply the techniques in real-time!

Our Parenting Coaches


Hellen Lai | Life Coach

Hellen has been coaching actively since 2012 and has spent over 500 hours coaching people from various walks of life. She uses coaching in her parenting as the mother of a happy, well-adjusted three-year-old boy. A strong advocate of using the parenting journey for self-discovery and growth both for the child and parents, Hellen is a passionate stand for people to manifest their inner potential.

Outside of her parenting duties, Hellen is a senior manager in one of the biggest IT distributors in the world, in charge of Business Intelligence and Analytic Solution Services for the APAC region.

Transform Your Parenting Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I bring my child to the Conscious Parenting Workshops?

We encourage you to come alone to the Conscious Parenting Workshops so that you can focus on your learnings. However, if you really need to bring your children along, please contact us to see if arrangements can be made for your child to be at the workshop.

+ Can I bring my child to the Support Group Sessions?

Children are welcome at the Support Group Sessions.

+ What if I miss one workshop? Can I attend the rest?

Of course you can! The workshops are standalone workshops and you can attend any session without having attended a previous one.

+ Must I attend the workshop prior to the Support Group Session?

The Support Group Sessions are free and you do not need to attend a workshop to attend a Support Group Session. However, as some of the follow-up sessions are in a café, we do ask that you purchase something from the café or restaurant as they are running a business.

+ What is the Conscious Parenting Journey?

The Conscious Parenting Journey is a project by Dwelling Initiatives Pte Ltd. Our aim is to help parents make conscious choices in their parenting journey. We seek to make the parenting experience more harmonious, enjoyable and enriching for all the participants and eventually for the entire community.

This project is done in collaboration with LearnSG.

+ Who is Dwelling Initiatives Pte Ltd?

Dwelling Initiatives Pte Ltd is a social enterprise that develops initiatives for self- and social transformation.

Dwelling is a space for exploring the fundamental aspects of life through our Wisdom Sessions, Speaker Nights, Firesides, and Workshops. We seek to deepen our self-awareness and enrich our life-experiences by looking beyond assumptions to reach new understanding, and create paths for growth and real change.

+ How can I contact you if I have questions?

You can get in touch with us through email or via whatsapp on 81859465.

+ Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for the Workshops and Support Group Sessions.

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