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Workshop: Introduction to the Healing Power of Crystals

Crystal Workshop Poster

Recently, a member of the Dwelling Team woke up in the middle of the night with a burning sore throat and fever while she was having flu. She tried drinking a lot of water and taking medication the doctor had prescribed, but none of it was helping. Then, intuitively, she decided to take a small rose quartz crystal, about the size of a 50 cent coin, together with some other crystals and place them on her chest. In about five minutes, the pain subsided and she was able to sleep after that.

Such is the extraordinary power of crystals, which have been used in healing and wellness for centuries. According to Channel News Asia, there is a growing trend with millennials working with the healing power of crystals today. In this workshop, we will be covering the basics about crystals – how to choose and use them to the best effect.

Our workshop will cover important material about the “grandfather” of the mineral kingdom – the quartz crystal. When most people think of the quartz crystal, a picture of the clear, white type of quartz comes to mind. Actually, the quartz crystal structure makes up more than 60% of the mineral kingdom and has many colour variations and types. Crystals such as red agates, yellow citrine, green aventurine, and amethyst all belong to the quartz family. Your understanding of the various uses of the humble quartz crystal provides a solid foundation to your crystalline journey.

With so many different sources of information about crystals on the Internet saying different things, it’s difficult to ascertain what is true and accurate and what isn’t. This includes how to choose crystals and how to clean, cleanse, clear and energise them. You can count on Sylvie Louisfert’s training as a healer, plus her fifteen years of practical working experience with crystals, to learn what truly works and what doesn’t.

Bring light and joy into your life and environments through crystals. In order to use your crystals effectively, you will learn how to connect and develop a relationship to them. Crystals can also be instructed and programmed (which is why quartz is used in modern computers). In the workshop, you will learn how to instruct your crystals to work for you and bring balance into your life.

What You Will Get From This Workshop

  • Learn how to choose crystals and to clean, cleanse, clear and energise your crystals.

  • Meet the “grandfather” of the mineral kingdom and his multiple facets.

  • Discover high vibration quartz crystals.

  • Learn how to use crystals to bring light and joy into your life and environments.

  • Discover the multiple properties of quartz for meditation and daily life.

  • Learn how to instruct crystals.

  • Learn the basics of crystal healing.

  • Enjoy the experience of connecting with crystals.

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