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Fireside: The Art of Celebration

2018 Dwelling Fireside_The Art of Celebration.jpg

What have you been up to this year that’s worth celebrating? And if you’re making apologies about any lacklustre efforts in endeavors that are important to you, what would you need to do to end off the year proud of the way you lived it? Whether it’s a milestone reached, a highlight, lowlight, an important lesson, getting through a difficult time, a memorable or significant moment, a dream come true, who you are, or life itself, it’s important to take the time to acknowledge them to yourself. Join us for the last Dwelling Session of 2018 to share accomplishments and committed actions for the rest of the year, and discover many more ways to celebrate and have the time of your life!

This Dwelling session is free, and it is customary to purchase a beverage, snack or meal from the café.

RSVP here or contact The Dwelling Team @ 81859465 to reserve your seat now!