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Fireside: Dreams, Vision and Faith

2018 Dwelling Fireside_Dreams Vision and Faith.jpg

Everyone has a dreaming aspect. By following and tapping into subtle feelings, uncontrolled movements, signals and synchronicities, we enter a ‘dreamdoor’ into an altered experience. There, it is possible to gain insight into the deeper meaning of what is calling to be discovered. By enhancing our awareness of these unfamiliar aspects of existence, we can bring wisdom to our everyday experiences, and change and enrich our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to the world. Join us for an experiential session on visionary dreaming, and in a facilitated discussion, find an answer or insights into a question you have been asking yourself.

This Dwelling session is free, and it is customary to purchase a beverage, snack or meal from the café.

RSVP here or contact The Dwelling Team @ 81859465 to reserve your seat now!