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Fireside: Acceptance and Belonging

Following our Speaker Night and Wisdom Session, join us for a cosy conversation at a cafe as we wrap up our series on Acceptance and Belonging. What have you learnt from our speakers and activity session? Are there any lingering thoughts that you would like to discuss and share? Come with any questions you may have on the topic and feed our question bucket!

Here are some questions our enthusiastic Dwellers are asking:

  • How can I be the ‘real’ me while putting on different personas needed for different situations? 
  • How do we resolve our identity crisis? 
  • Is self-acceptance a once and for all event, or is it a continual process? 
  • How can I improve my interactions with people in a social setting? 
  • Is it healthy to crash and rebuild our personal identity thoroughly? 
  • How do I deal with a relationship issue when someone doesn’t listen?

This Dwelling session is free, and it is customary to purchase a beverage, snack or meal from the café, Dome Singapore Art Museum (71 Bras Basah Road #01-01).

Space is limited. Contact Leaf @ 96519035 to reserve your seat now or complete your registration here.