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Choice, Commitment and Freedom

Dwelling starts 2015 with our first topic of the year – Choice, Commitment and Freedom.

Like a stone falling into water, there is a ripple effect with every choice made in life. From mundane choices like what to have for lunch to life choices on who we want to marry, every choice involves a commitment to a course of action. Have you truly examined the impact that your choices have on your life? Are you at a crossroads now on what life choice to make for yourself? And in making a choice, are you committing to something that limits you or sets you free?

Join us round the fire with our speakers as they share and discuss the choices they have made – from relocating to different countries, to choices in career and love, to choices that determine other people’s lives. Find out what it means to choose powerfully, to make a commitment and through that commitment, to be truly free.

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