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Speaker Night: The Road to Freedom

At some point in our life, we try to get away from a predictable existence, in search for adventure, new experiences, a meaning or purpose, or to be more of who we are. What is freedom to you? Why do you travel? Hear from our speaker, Ryan Paugh, who took a 15-month sabbatical from his corporate job to travel the world. Share his inspiring journey of breaking out of self and exploring worlds beyond the one given to us, and find out how traveling outside has led to an inner journey filled with discovery and wisdom. If you’re longing to expand your horizons, join us on the most courageous and rewarding journey one can take as we kick off our Freedom sessions.

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We will start providing drinks from 7pm. Please come to register and join us for networking.

You can also RSVP or direct your enquiries to Weiping @ 97106326

Cost: $5.