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Fireside: Leadership and Power


At our Speaker Night on Leadership, you heard our three powerful speakers share about their own experience of being a leader in their life. Throughout the conversation, we could hear leadership themes and principles emerge as they shared about being their higher self, going beyond ego, making choices that are true to themselves even if others may disagree, and communicating what is important clearly and honestly. They spoke about falling forward, and jumping in even when you don’t know what the end will be like. We all agreed that leaders are leaders because they make things happen, and it is through staying on the path and constantly moving that they ultimately find their purpose. Leaders also recognize that they need to master themselves first before they can lead others.

We learnt that discipleship is just as important as leadership, and good leaders are also good disciples. We heard that great leaders are not afraid to fall, and they are remembered not for falling but for picking themselves up. Their battle scars make them stronger and wiser. Good leaders learn to recognize crises as events that reveal who they truly are and show what they are made of. 

Still curious or hungry for more? Or, has listening to our speakers raised some questions for you? Join our Fireside where we will delve into a cosy dialogue on leadership. Limited seats. Contact Ziqi @ 96940841 to reserve your seat now! 


At our Firesides, we discuss and answer questions pertinent to you. Please think of at least ONE question important to you, and let us know when we give you a hello call, or pop it into the bucket when you arrive at the session.  

The Dwelling session is free, and it is customary to purchase a beverage, snack or meal from the cafe.