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Philosophy Session: Charisma, Attraction and Magnetism

We find ourselves drawn to certain stars, world leaders, and people who captivate us by their magnanimous deeds. Does charisma belong to just these people, or can you have it too? What is charisma? Is it a natural gift people are born with, or can it be developed and enhanced? What are the building blocks of charisma? Do you ever wonder what you have that draws others to you, and what kind of people you're drawn to? If you're ready to discover how others see you and what qualities you have to offer, join us in this Philosophy Session on Charisma to become aware of what makes you truly charismatic, and begin to step into your natural confidence around others.

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We will start providing drinks from 7pm. Please come to register and join us for networking. You can also direct any inquiries to Hellen at 9619 2948.

Cost: $5.