8 SEPTEMBER 2018 (2PM TO 4PM), Mawson Kids Preschool, 321 Alexandra Road #02-14, Singapore 159971

What You Will Get From This Workshop

  • Access the intuitive world of feelings and emotions to explore your deeper self

  • Learn to use your right brain instead of your left

  • Learn how to express your personal truths and emotions through the creative use of symbols and metaphors

  • Learn how to stand your ground and centre yourself in times of stress and duress through artistic expressions

  • Fine tune your emotional compass to gain clarity of your authentic self

No Prior Art Experience Necessary - Begin your Wellness Journey Today!

  • Investment for 1 Workshop - $65

  • Investment for 2 Workshops - $120 ($10 Savings)

  • Investment for 3 Workshops - $175 ($20 Savings)

All art materials are provided in the workshop and are included in the workshop fees.

Therapeutic Art Coaching Workshop: Expressing Your Authentic Self

In the daily grind, do you feel there are endless tasks, deadlines and expectations to meet? When this happens, how easy is it for you to bury your own desires and suppress what you really want to say, especially in the face of an authority? Do you often feel like you’re forcing yourself to perform like a machine which, over time, has caused you to lose sight of who you are and your personal truths?

With so many voices telling you different things, how do you find your own? Maybe you’ve gone on the Internet to listen to a Brené Brown speech, or read articles about ways to improve your confidence or self-esteem. Maybe you try to cope by coming up with reasons why things are the way they are, or why you are the way you are. And no amount of attending motivational workshops has helped you adequately express your authentic self. Why? Ironically, none of those voices belong to you.

So how?

How can you find your authentic expression in your daily life and stand your ground in trying circumstances? Have you ever wondered what you really want to express to the world that resonates with the deepest part of your being, that is authentic and real? Perhaps it’s time to ignite your personal creativity to see new perspectives in life that would truly inspire you. And you can only truly create when you are in touch with your authentic self.

What you will gain through this 3-hour workshop:

  • Reclaim your personal power and leave with a renewed sense of energy and confidence

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself through personal symbols

  • Find your expression that is authentic, creative and resonates with who you really are

How Therapeutic Art Coaching Works

Therapeutic Art Coaching focuses on your inner experience – your feelings, perceptions and imagination. It allows you to access the deeper, unconscious parts of yourself that you normally do not give expression to. A typical workshop may include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage or other artistic methods to invoke realizations about the issues that you have. Through facilitated discussions and coaching, you will have amazing insights about the nature of your problem, who you are at a deeper level, and what really matters as values.

Our workshops do not focus on teaching artistic techniques but allow you to discover yourself and manifest your inner wisdom and brilliance through art. If you can create beautiful art, that’s great! But that is not what’s important. It matters not whether you think you can or can’t draw. In therapeutic art coaching, what you create does not need to be beautiful, but it does need to be honest. Whatever you do, take it as a learning process and enjoy yourself!

How is Therapeutic Art Coaching different from Art Jamming?

In art jamming, the focus is on creating the art piece and you might not have the opportunity to share what you feel about your creation and how it symbolizes you in the presence of an empathetic audience. In therapeutic art coaching, the focus is on you and the inner process that you are going through. The facilitated conversation is an important part of the therapeutic process and this is where the discovery, learning and healing takes place.

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach


Eliza Han| Therapeutic Art Life Coach

After spending 16 years in the education service, rising through the ranks from a Teacher to a Vice-Principal, Eliza discovered her calling in healing and therapy, especially in the healing modality of therapeutic art. Eliza is a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach from Transformation Academy and has helped clients from all walks of life in small groups and private one-on-one sessions to find their personal truth, direction, and relationship goals. As a universal language, Eliza has used artistic expressions and therapeutic art coaching sessions to reach out to clients throughout the world, hailing from USA, France, Middle East and Asia. She specializes in helping clients manage depression, grief and loss, whilst inspiring hope and renewed direction in life.

I am really glad and grateful to reconnect with you and having someone who can understand my joys and pains...I felt lost in life but after the (session), I am able to formulate a clear career roadmap.
— Malcom C, Singapore
I love your sessions. It allows me to know more about myself.
— Zahidah, Singapore
I had a very good (and) thought provoking session. Eliza had a good collection of art materials and guided me through the process with right questions. I would recommend her highly.
— Azeem, USA

Location, Dates and Times

Event Date and Time Venue
Expressing Your Authentic Self 20 Jul 2019 (1.45pm-5.00pm) TUAN @ 133 Joo Chiat Road #02-01, Singapore 427417
Finding Your Direction in Life 24 Aug 2019 (1.45pm-5.00pm) TUAN @ 133 Joo Chiat Road #02-01, Singapore 427417
Seeking Meaning and Fulfillment in Your Relationships 28 Sep 2019 (1.45pm-5.00pm) Casa Rosa Clubhouse, 37 Lorong Ong Lye S536443

Please arrive at 1.45pm for registration.

No Prior Art Experience Necessary - Begin your Wellness Journey Today!

  • Investment for 1 Workshop - $65

  • Investment for 2 Workshops - $120 ($10 Savings)

  • Investment for 3 Workshops - $175 ($20 Savings)

All art materials are provided in the workshop and are included in the workshop fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I need to bring any art materials to the workshops?

You do not need to bring any art materials to the workshops. Use of all art materials provided is included in the workshop prices, and you are welcome to take your creations home with you from the workshop.

+ What if I miss one workshop or event? Can I attend the rest?

Of course you can! The events and workshops are standalone events and you can attend any session without having attended a previous one.

+ Must I attend an event or workshop prior to the Firesides?

You do not need to attend a workshop to attend a Fireside. The Firesides are free of charge to attend; however, as we usually hold them at a café or restaurant, it is customary to purchase a drink, snack or meal from the establishment.

+ What is the Conscious Wellness Journey?

The Conscious Wellness Journey is a project by Dwelling Initiatives Pte Ltd.

+ Who is Dwelling Initiatives Pte Ltd?

Dwelling Initiatives Pte Ltd is a social enterprise that develops initiatives for self- and social transformation.

Dwelling is a space for exploring the fundamental aspects of life through our Wisdom Sessions, Speaker Nights, Firesides, and Workshops. We seek to deepen our self-awareness and enrich our life-experiences by looking beyond conventional wisdom to reach new understanding, and create paths for growth and real change.

+ How can I contact you if I have questions?

You can get in touch with us through email or whatsapp us at 81859465.

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