[Speaker Night] An Invitation to Wellness

After a hiatus of a few months, we kick started the 2019 Dwelling season with a Speaker Night on 19 March 2019. Hosted at Kampung Senang, a registered charity, people started arriving for their vegan dinner at the cafe. Dinner was a choice of either bee hoon or fried rice. The bee hoon was proved to be more popular, running out quickly. But guests agreed that both bee hoon or fried rice were equally yummy. Some wanted extra portions!


After a dinner where old friends met up and new friends were made, people proceeded to the hall to conduct the Speaker Night. Our Speaker that night was Sylvie Louisfert, a certified crystal healer under Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. Katrina Raphaell is one of the pioneers of the crystal movement in the 1980s, and her three books contributed to a lot of the information now found on the internet.

How many of us have a childhood passion that lasted to adulthood? For Sylvie, her journey with crystals started when she was a child. She grew up in the mountains of France and fell in love with the beauty of crystals when she was given a box of crystals as a gift. She used to pester her parents to take her to the crystal and stone shop in town so that she could see all the crystals. Thereafter, she continued collecting stones and crystals until now. It was a rare passion that never died.

Sylvie has always been an avid crystal collector, however, it took quite a while before she decided to become a crystal healer. She had an experience with crystal healing with a carnelian when she had bad menstrual cramps. She woke up one day, unable to go to work, but a sudden flash of intuition told her “carnelian”. She got a carnelian from her collection and fell asleep with the stone. When she woke up, the cramps were gone and she felt like she has slept for hours even though only 10 minutes have passed. She was amazed at the effects - sometimes, obeying your intuition and your gut can be the right thing to do.

It is uncanny how things seems like fate - and it was so when Sylvie found her crystal teacher. After a couple of experiences with crystal healing, she went to Fu Lu Shou and chanced on Katrina’s third book. She didn’t understand what was being written in there and decided to look for other crystal healing courses. But Katrina’s course kept popping up in her searches and she decided to go for it. She took the first crystal healing course by correspondence. After that, she did the second healing course by flying to Hawaii within the same year - the class was meant for japanese speakers and she was the only non-japanese person in the class. Yet, she managed to convince Katrina to allow her to take it.

There are defining experiences that one has when it comes to a person’s healing journey. One thing that really convinced Sylvie that crystal healing works was healing her snake bite childhood trauma. She has tried many different methods to heal emotionally and mentally from the trauma but it was only after one crystal healing that her fear of snakes completely disappeared.


The universe works in mysterious ways, yin and yang exists in all things, and Sylvie also shared other fascinating crystalline stories. Like how she found a 30kg crystal that she initially didn’t want but the crystal somehow found the way to her home. Turned out that this 30kg crystal was a “male”, and one day when she went to a shop, she received a message that she needed to get another big crystal. She didn’t want to get the crystal but had a strong message that she needed to. When she brought back the other big crystal and put it with the “male” crystal - the backs of the crystals fit together! The other big crystal turned out to be the “female” to the “male” crystal. When the two crystals were reunited in her home, she felt a surge of emotion that she found hard to describe and Sylvie teared up as she was speaking about that experience.

Sometimes it comes as an urge, a prompting. It may seem irrational but yet your heart knows, and you cannot say no.

We wrapped up the session that night by taking some questions from the guests. They left inspired and wanting to learn more about crystal healing, which some of them did in the “Introduction to the Healing Power of Crystals” Workshop on 23 March.