[Workshop] Introduction to the Healing Power of Crystals

The day dawned bright and hot on 23 March even though it rained the day before. The team gathered at Sims Urban Oasis Function room. Surrounded by greenery and the swimming pool, it was a great location to hold a crystal workshop. We cleaned the room and the surrounding areas, sprayed cleanse for the room before setting up the crystal altar. The clean surroundings and the altar was needed as we were doing energy work today. Sylvie Louisfert (the teacher conducting the crystal workshop) had brought flowers from Little India the day before and they were needed to make an offering to the crystal guardians for the crystal work that is going to be done. Julia had gotten up really early and made nice refreshments for the guests. In around half an hour, we had gotten the room set up and people had started arriving.

The room was full, and Julia opened the session, introducing Dwelling and Sylvie. Sylvie started the workshop by speaking about the importance of cleansing and clearing the energies of crystals. Crystals hold energies and can be programmed - and you never know where the crystals that you have bought have come from. She spoke about various methods of cleansing - from using sage, salt, running water, using intention etc. She also explained the various methods of charging crystals.

Then she started talking about the different types of quartz crystals, specifically clear and white quartz. Quartz is the foundation of the crystal healing methods and it is important to get to know the different types of quartz well. And there were many different types of white quartz as we were soon to discover from Sylvie.

She spoke about the single generator quartz, and double terminator quartz, and their uses in focusing intention and energies. She gave examples of how these crystals were used in healing. She also gave an example of the transformation of a crystal that was used for healing and passed around before and after. The changes in the energy in the before and after pictures were palpable.

Next Sylvie spoke about the different configurations of quartz crystals. Examples like Tabbies, which is meant to bring a message into your life. She also passed crystals around which she spoke about. The participants peered very hard to find the triangles on the record keeper that Sylvie spoke about. We managed to capture the triangles that Sylvie was speaking about on pictures. It is very different seeing the actual crystal and holding it in your hands versus reading a description in a book.

Some of the participants felt energies from the crystals. One felt her palms turning hot, another felt physical sensations. The crystals were really powerful and even people who had just started out with crystals can feel the energies. The energy in the room was slowly rising as the workshop progressed and we could feel the room being energized by the crystals in the room.

We ended the workshop with questions from the participants. Sylvie also invited the participants to bring home the flowers as they have been charged by the crystals. Everybody left with useful takeaways from the workshop. People felt more confident choosing crystals going forward.

Afterwards, some of the participants gathered around and had a crystal gathering session, and we all left for lunch together at Kampung Senang. It was a good session, and a great way to spend a saturday morning.