[Workshop] The Conscious Parenting Journey 2018

The Conscious Parenting Journey 2018 is a series of 3 workshops and 3 support groups. This is the first initiative that Dwelling has started, and is done in partnership with LearnSG Seed Fund, CarouSell and Mawson Works.

Parenting is often seen as a duty or mission that we need to fulfill, which after a while leads to mums and dads becoming tired and frustrated, and eventually 'outsourcing' parenting by spending tons of resources on their kids. In this initiative, we are reforming parenting to focus not on the child but on being the kind of parent who is able to be a truly inspiring influencer for the child.

In this initiative, parents learn conscious parenting skills to give their kids the proper guidance they need in the first 6 years, and discover how they can turn parenting into a powerful journey of self-discovery for themselves and their children.

How to Find the “YOU” in Being a Parent

8 September 2018

The first workshop was held at Mawson Works, a preschool for children. Led by Hellen Lai and Su-Ann Phillips, our parenting coaches, they got the participants to reflect deeper into themselves on what parenthood really means to them.

Frequently, with the birth of a child, new parents typically feel lost. Anxiety and displacement of self are common feelings that people experience. Participants learnt how to find themselves in parenthood and to create their identities as parents in this workshop.

They also learnt about strategies on how to balance life, work and parenthood at the same time. Participants went away with a stronger sense of self and how to be better parents!

The Practical Coaching Approach to Parenting

13 October 2018

The second workshop was held at our partner’s office Carousell Headquarters at Tanjong Pagar. Carousell has an active interest in building their communities and there was also a terrarium building workshop happening the same time while the parenting workshpo was taking place!

The large Carousell office with lots of open spaces and play areas proved useful as the kids were happily running around playing with each other while their parents were learning the coaching approach to parenting with Hellen Lai and Dr Angela Tan. The team got a workout running around the office with the kids!

In this workshop, parents learnt about the coaching approach to parenting, how to listen actively and to ask questions to help children become more self-aware and independent. There were role-plays during this session where participants role-played being a parent and child. It was an enlightening session and people walked away with a better understanding of how to coach their children.

How to Help Your Child Learn Effectively

24 November 2018

The third workshop was held at Mawson Works. Children were allowed in this workshop and were playing (somewhat) quietly in the corner while their parents learnt about learning from Hellen Lai in their other corner of the room.

Participants learnt about the various learning models and how children learn. They also put together a list of things that they wish to learn and what they wanted their child to learn in the coming year. After all, if you as a parent stops learning, how can you expect your child to learn?

Parent Support Group Sessions

After each workshop, we held a support support session to help parents consolidate their learnings. Parents were also encouraged to put their learnings into practice in the support supports sessions itself.

Held in cafes and with the one session at the National Library, they were cosy get-togethers with the parents and children over great food and coffees.

The first session was held at Picnic SG, a large open concept restaurant with footsie tables and a ball area for children to play. The kids had fun at the play area while the adults had a great discussion at the table.

The second session was held at Kith Cafe and parents and kids had a huge yummy brunch. We had older children join us in this session and out came the card games and Boggle. The team got beat flat by a 10 year old in Boggle and we had to find ways to salvage our pride through other means.

At the final session at the National Library in Bugis, children took advantage of the treehouse in the children area to have a great place to read while the adults discussed about tips on how to get children to learn more effectively. We put learnings into practice by getting the children to read at the library.

What’s Next

The Dwelling Team thanks all participants, partners and volunteers for making this initiative a success.

It was a great experience working with parents, children and our partners. We definitely grew as a team and a platform through this experience and made a difference to people. Dwelling will be holding more Conscious Parenting events in the future.

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