[Wisdom Session] Leadership: The Leadership Journey

We had our first ever movie night! And if you had been there, you would've caught a riveting screening of the awe-inspiring and moving film, Gladiator. In line with our movie theme, our team even prepared popcorn and chips for pre-movie snacks!

Julia started our session with a warm welcome to Dwellers, and reminded us to watch the movie consciously as it was rich in leadership themes right from the first ten minutes. She invited our audience to challenge their leadership IQ and see how many aspects of leadership they could pick out from the scenes.

In the movie, we saw how Maximus rose above all struggles, dangers, obstacles and challenges which he faced at every turn. His display of leadership left us moved and inspired with many thoughts and feelings stirred and, of course, questions.

Maximus was the trans-intrinsic leader who led by inspiration. We saw how his charisma won him the following of soldiers and other gladiators alike; the vision which he stood and fought for rallied people to him—those who believed in him and his cause. His code of honor and strength which he taught the Roman army, later embraced by even the gladiators who willingly gave up their lives for him by fighting off the Praetorian Guards who came to arrest him, was a great example of loyalty to a stand. Maximus had great self-control even when publicly taunted in front of hundreds. He was responsible for those under his care. He was clear about what was important to him and what he needed to do. He had the courage to go against the mob and positional authority. The list of leadership virtues goes on and on to build a case of what makes Maximus highly effective both as an individual and as a leader, such that every battle he fought by himself or led, he struck to kill, won, and led his men to victory.

We had a chance to crystallize what we got out of watching Gladiator, and had some of our audience share their insights and take-aways from the movie. For some it was their first time watching, yet for others who were watching the movie for the second or third time, there was more to be learned. We shared about who leaders are and how they act, and the different leadership styles portrayed by not just Maximus and Commodus, but also Lucilla, Marcus Aurelius, Senator Gracchus and other members of the Senate.

On that note, Julia left us with a thought and an activity: If we were to make a list of 20 statements about leadership or being a leader, what would be on that list? Then the next question would be how do we live out that list in our lives? So before we meet again at our coming Fireside, complete your 20 statements about leadership and come share your list with others at TCC PoMo on Tuesday 26 August at 7.30pm!