[Speaker Night] Freedom: Living a Life of Freedom and Courage

One learns quickly that after survival needs are met, options become available. Yet a person could get to an advanced position and status and still feel bound by responsibilities, perceptions, expectations, and the very things they’ve worked so hard to attain—at the cost of their personal freedom. 

Paul Wilden, our Mystery Speaker shared about his journey in coping with microtia (being born without a ear). Now a Managing Director in a leading investment bank, he spoke about how he came to accept himself and attain the goals that he has set out to attain.

Speaking candidly on how how he was afraid of people noticing that he had only one ear,  he has always kept his hair below the ears. Until he decided one day that he had enough and wanted to show the world who he really was, he went to a hairdresser to get his hair cut short. To his surprise, the hairdresser did not comment on his missing ear, neither did the people on the streets when he walked out of the hairdressing shop.  He realized that he was the only person that really minded how he looked with only one ear. Paul has now overcome his fear of people knowing about his missing ear and now runs a support site on microtia.

It was a night of authentic sharing and heart-felt conversations, and Paul really showed us what it meant to be living a life of freedom and courage. Thank you Paul!