[Wisdom Session] Effectiveness: Peak Performance

Last Tuesday, Dwelling was at full house as Julia Ng led the Philosophy Session on the perennial hot topic of Peak Performance. 

"Why do some people stay energetic and spritely from dawn to dusk, while others are exhausted before the first cup of morning coffee?" we had asked you earlier. Many guests came in interested to find out how to energize themselves, including how to work faster and more efficiently in order to do less OT, and to find out how much sleep is actually enough. 

In the session, we busted the misconceptions around 25 energy zappers and boosters that affect our daily energy levels. In fact, we had such good feedback on the list that we decided to release it as a two-part infographic! Feel free to use or share this list to help you and your friends identify how what fuels you, and what only fools you.

So, what are your personal energy sources, and what are your energy leaks? Apart from items on the list, many people had various ways they sourced themselves that you might agree with -- meditation, yoga, running, taking a long shower, and being in nature were a few of them. Most importantly, participants shared about people who gave them energy -- friends who offered them conversation about things that mattered, or people who were optimistic and sometimes wiser. Interestingly, almost everyone came to a consensus on their number one energy zapper: toxic people who criticize, use their emotions destructively, and are unnecessarily abrasive. Who are the people who fuel you or drain you? And do you, in turn, drain others or fuel others more? 

We encourage you to use this infographic to get started thinking about your own experience on what energizes you. For example, have you ever watched a couple of television drama episodes back to back, and found yourself even more tired afterwards? That might be an example of being fooled by sensation, or escapism. This coming week, try boosting your energy by stepping outside your comfort zone! Just typing 10-20% faster, and give yourself the chance to study yourself failing. Notice what's causing the hiccups. Who knows what you might find?

Finally, we'll love to hear what your experiences and results are. To deepen your inquiry, join us at the next Dwelling Fireside session. We are meeting on 6 May, from 7.30-9.30pm at The Coffee Connoisseur at POMO. 

To reserve a seat, simply text Yen Lin at 9837 0207 with a question you would like discussed.