[Fireside] Performance @ Maccha House

How to deal with the pressure to perform? How do I deal with stress and toxic people repeatedly? Where to find the motivation to perform? Why do we procrastinate, and how to beat procrastination?

These questions and more, collated from our guests beforehand, were the order of the day at last night's Dwelling Fireside, also our very first time at Maccha House @Orchard Central.

Everyone was split into two smaller groups for a cozier discussion, facilitated by Julia, Weiping and Hellen. 

While discussing how to handle more things at the same time, Yen Lin was reminded of last Dwelling Speaker Eliza's metaphor of spinning plates from last Dwelling session. Like a plate-spinner, you can only spin your plates one and a time, but in-between is the task of watching, an allowing them to move with their own momentum.

The topic of stress and toxic people raised the insight that people are "toxic" to you because of a reaction inside you that they happen to bring out. We also noticed that the reasons we dislike a person are precisely because we dislike that part of ourselves as well. 

Connie wondered, how to beat procrastination? In an unusual response to this age-old issue, Julz offered, "I learnt to procrastinate better!" Did you know that effective dreaming and use of dreaming states can actually help one be more creative? Well, if you're interested to know how Julz makes use of 20-minute procrastination power-naps and sleep states to tap into her peak creative moments, come down and ask Julz yourself on 22nd April, at our next Dwelling Philosophy Session on Peak Performance. 

However, we did face one big problem, that seems to be happening on a regular basis… The conversation won't stop, and no one wants to leave! Last evening we again stayed on till the staff had packed up, and we were the last ones left. 

But... no worries. We'll be back again in two weeks. See you there!