[Speaker Night] Performance: Being Superhuman

Thanks to all who attended the 25th March Dwelling Speaker Night! Kudos to our two speakers, Chris Lim and Eliza Han, for their inspired and inspiring shares.

Dwelling Performanc Speaker Night

As usual the night was one of gentle surprises - key realizations about mentalities that work to achieve superhuman ability. For one, Chris shared about his life philosophy that has helped him through key moments of his journey in managing his life and business: "I signed up for this." On top of that, he stressed the importance of doing the daily tasks well. What's the secret to managing a business of hundreds of members, all who came in through referrals, sans marketing gimmicks? "Come in studio, mop floor, fold towels," Chris says. "It's not about the KPIs. It's about, am I delivering a great job each time."Eliza offered a splendid metaphor of how to handle many tasks all at once. "Have you ever seen plate spinning?" she asked. "The performer doesn't spin all the plates all at once. He spins them one at a time -- when one plate has momentum, he leaves it and spins another. At each time he spins that which is losing momentum, to keep it going again." On top of that, many Dwellers were fascinated by the topic of managing fear, which Eliza brought up. How does one look at fear in the face, when one is (pardon the language) scared shitless? "Just feeling it fully" and "treating the fear like a wave" was one way Eliza used hypno-birthing to deliver four children naturally. And as Wei Ping shared, sometimes all it takes to pull through a tough time is having a still, small voice inside that quietly says, "cannot stop".Well, she's exactly right. The conversation never ends! You're welcome to join the Dwelling team on 8 April for our next fireside session, at a cafe in town (location to be updated), from 7.30-9.30pm. RSVP to dwelling.philosophy@gmail.com, or Yen Lin at 9837 0207.

Meet Chris – Uber athlete and more. 

What Chris does:
- Owns a boutique fitness studio.
- Dabbles in new businesses with Nakd Pantry, Infuusa, and Sweat in the City.
- Tortures people and gets thanked for it.

What Chris loves to do:
- Making ideas come to life.
- Self flagellation by cycling.
- Reading comics and technology news.

What Chris is good at:
- Making conversation.
- Sending motivational emails to his clients.
- Learning new skills pretty fast (except for speaking Mandarin).

What Chris is lousy at:
- Speaking Mandarin.
- Reading detailed instruction manuals.
- Keeping surprises.

Meet Eliza – Supermum and more.

If you've ever dreaded going to work on Mondays even before Friday was over, or had panic attacks at work so bad that you hid in the toilet from your boss, or attempted to deliver a keynote address to the whole assembly of 1900 when your mind suddenly goes blank, then come and have a laugh with Eliza as she shares her hits and misses with performance at work while managing her brood of four whom she can't hide from even when she is in the bathroom. And find out how she transforms her anxiety into action by doing exactly what she fears. By 37, she has the following achievements:

- Awarded PSC Local Merit Scholarship (1995), age 19
- Appointed Assistant Director, Ministry of National Development (2002), age 26
- Appointed Senior Head Policy, Ministry of Education, (2003), age 27
- Awarded MOE Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship (2007), age 31
- Appointed Vice Principal (2010), age 34
- Mother to four children aged 8, 6, 4 and 1