[Fireside] Direction @ Bishan Park

It was a pleasant evening at Bishan Park on the 21 December 2013. Members of the Dwelling Community gathered to celebrate the final event of 2013. A nice spot was found in front of Bishan Park Mcdonalds where we lay our mat and watched the sun set.

Sunset at Bishan Park

We had raw food potluck following the talk by Linda Loo and Wilson Ang from the Directions Speaker Night. People brought apples, salad, nuts and all things raw!

Wheel of Life

Julia Ng shared with us the Wheel of Life. With this map, you can use it to chart out the path that you want for yourself - can be a short term goal or a long term directions you would like to focus on.

How to use the Wheel of Life:
Step 1: Write a description of your ideals or dreams in each area of life. This can be for the long-term. Then create smaller goals or projects for 2014 in each area that would bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. One of the segments is left blank for you to fill in whatever is important to you (e.g. community or gift work, making a difference, projects for humanity or your area of interest, etc)

Step 2: Take a snapshot of where you are currently at in relation to your ideals in each area and give it a score out of 10 (10 being the most ideal, and 1 being the least). 

Step 3: Make a note of what lies in the gap between where you are currently at and your ideal. This becomes an objective for you to factor into your projects and goals for the coming year.

Step 4: Share your Wheel of Life with someone who can support and make a stand for you in achieving your goals and dreams. Or hire a coach to power up and create results in areas that are critical for you.

Step 5: Keep pressing the right buttons and watch these areas manifest.

Having Fun!

As the sun set, we lit our candles and talked about topics that interested us - what we were working on, what's ahead for us in the future and generally got to know each other better.

As the night wound to the close, we celebrated the end of 2013 and looked forward to a great 2014!

Happy New Year!