[Wisdom Session] Direction: Creating the Future

With a quick glance around the room, you might think it was a gathering of friends as the room quickly livened up with friendly chatter and laughter. But really, it was a gathering of like-minded people getting together for Dwelling's Philosophy Night on Creating the Future for 2015. So at 7.30pm sharp, everyone was gently ushered into the bigger room where the real fun began.


After a chirpy welcome from our host, Yen Lin shared about herself and what Dwelling is about. With everyone warmed up, she proceeded to introduce our facilitator for the night,  Julia Ng. As the anticipation in the room grew, Julia started the ball rolling by sharing what that night’s session was going to be about. It wasn’t about setting New Year resolutions as some might have guessed. And who would like to set New Year resolutions again when they usually just get rolled over to the following year? So that night, Julia took us to look beyond New Year resolutions and dream what our year in 2015 would be like, definitely more fun than penning down a tasklist that gets forgotten when another new year starts.


We shared and discussed in our small groups what 2014 had been for us, the highlights, the lowlights and the neutral events. It was rather like travelling back in time and recalling all the funny, happy, sad, frustrating, disappointing or just ‘blah’ moments be it at work, home or friends and family. Some of us even had a good laugh as we recalled the unusual events that occurred and were thankful about the good ones that gave us some reprieve from a trying year. Above all that, one of our guests even had a particularly amazing 2014 to share with us. She was from Russia and had recently moved to Singapore. But before moving here, she had spent 10 months travelling around the world which opened up her eyes and helped her see just who she really was. That reminds us about Ryan Paugh, one of our speakers for our series on Directions! Armed with such powerful revelations, she knew just what she wanted to do for the coming year and the years to come!


With that, Julia showed us a graph that we would be creating for ourselves. It looked like a pie chart of sorts that indicated the various dimensions of life - business/career, finances, health, family/home, romance/friends, personal growth, hobbies/interests, health and, surprisingly, an empty segment. We soon found out that the empty segment was reserved for the personal projects we would like to pursue in 2015. Julia led us to write down, just outside of each segment, what we would like to achieve in our respective dimensions in 2015. It was liberating, dreaming up the different things we wanted, like a no-holds-barred, no-limits approach to see for ourselves just what we sincerely desired in our lives. Hint: Gives you the slightest bit of sense of flying.


All of us took a few moments to share what we wrote for every two dimensions dreamed up. At one of the sharing sessions, our adventurous guest told us that she wanted to build a resort where people could go to for meditation, self-development, discover themselves and be fulfilled. One of our other guests wanted to be an inventor and sell his creations - one of his first inventions would be a pen that could turn into a massager and torchlight! Yet another one of our guests wanted to have a house that would be more than a home and sanctuary but it would also be a private cafe surrounded by lush greenery and nature where he would host gatherings with his friends and loved ones. Aren’t all these so amazing? What would you have dreamed of?


With our heads still in the skies, Julia then led us to make an assessment of our current positions in relation to our dreams. This time, we took an honest look at our lives and made a mark - a point of 1 to 10 of where we currently are and see where we are at now in every dimension. For many, some areas were okay, not too far off from our goals but some were not so great. That was quite a landing from our lofty dreams in the sky. What was great, however, was it showed us just what areas needed more work to achieve what we desired and that pretty much carved out our projects for the coming year!

So what about you? What would your goals and dreams for 2015 be, and what would you do to achieve them? Drop us a few lines in our website and share with us. We would love to hear from you!