[Speaker Night] Direction: Signs and Synchronicity

“How do I know I’m going in the right direction?” That’s a question often asked as we move along this spacetime continuum called life. What are the signs we look out for that tell us we’re on the right track? Is what we call destiny in fact designed? Hear from our speakers how they went about finding their direction in life, the signs they saw along the way, and the meaningful coincidence they found in experiences. Come with your own dreams, goals, and questions as we end off the year with an inquiry into what direction you would like to take in the New Year.

The Speakers

Dwelling is honored to have two great speakers come and share their journey of finding direction in life, the signs they followed, and the meaningful encounters along the way—synchronicity—that are pretty much clues to knowing whether you're on the right path. We welcome back Ryan Paugh, our speaker from the Freedom sessions, to continue sharing from his eye-opening 15 month sabbatical. Born in America, Ryan, fondly called the TallKid because uh, well, he's tall, has lived and worked in China and Japan, and speaks fluent Japanese. Listening to an inner voice that told him he just had to drop everything and travel, he ended up immersing in the most amazing (and horrible) experiences life could dish out. If you were there, you'd know that we couldn't get enough of his tall tales. Now, he's excited to be back to share about his experiences with synchronicity and the illuminating signs that helped connect the dots along the way. 

Our other speaker is Calvin Soh, who is one of the brightest creative minds in the advertising industry. The ex-creative head of Saatchi & Saatchi, Fallon, and Publicis founded Ninety Nine Percent in 2012, a creative think-tank. If you look into how he started out, you'll find fast food chef, lifeguard, and telemarketeer among the things he did before moving on to Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, and copywriting and winning all those awards in advertising (lost count of how many). Now, apart from running Ninety Nine Percent, he is advisor to the Singapore Innovation and Productivity Board, and an urban farmer, baker and chef with his own urban farm rooftop. He is also a father of two and his son, Dylan, often speaks with him in his speaking engagements. It's going to be interesting to hear about direction from a 12 year old perspective. 

So come with your bucketlist, ideas, dreams, plans and goals for the coming year or beyond, and see where that leads.